5 May

The 5th of May

A dreaded day

I simply have

No more to say



16 Feb

There are no words that come to mind

I don’t know what to say

Another time, another place

I held you on this day

Just a moment of your day

Is all that you could spare

A fool believed there would be

Many more to share

No gifts from me do you get

No wishes to come true

Instead, I hope this day will bring

just a better you



15 Nov

Six years 






May 5th

5 May

Today was once a day that centered around Cinco DeMayo for me but ever since Kirsten’s birthday in 2009, it means nothing more than memories of Kirsten and Eric.  Not good memories.  

7 Years

11 Mar

I met Eric 7 years ago today but it haunts me as if it were yesterday.  I know there is no way to erase him or the events from my mind so I just have to deal with it.  Writing is how I deal with it.  I will finish writing the story at some point when I have time.  That may be helpful to someone in the future and perhaps it will save someone else from going through what I did.


1 Mar

I do not know why I am writing this exactly.  I just have this intense feeling that Eric is not doing well at the moment.  I think he is in pain and very tired.  This is unknown and I will never know if I am right or not.  It is an overwhelming feeling I have and I cannot explain why I have it.  It is not a new thing for me to feel this way and I never have control over it.  Maybe I am wrong and imagining things, maybe not, but I will never know.  True or not, it is exhausting for me.  Maybe writing it down will help me let go of it.


16 Feb

Today’s the day he’ll celebrate the moment he was born
Like all the times before, it leaves me feeling torn
I want to wish peace and love, let go of all the pain
But still I find it hard, the memories still remain
I wish this day could just go by and not stay on my mind
I try to find distractions but peace I do not find
There’s nothing much for me to say about his day of birth
I wish him truth and conscience, for all that it is worth.

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